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February 6, 2008

Performance Literacy (Procedural Literacy)

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Several years ago, we began research on a concept known as procedural literacy. This instructional method is designed to engage students in literacy activities that will help them comprehend what they are supposed to learn. Through our research, we learned that students need to have engaged activities before they have a literacy experience, while they have that experience, and after the experience has ended. We learned that when students process information as opposed to just reading, listening, or writing, the studets retain more of the information. This means that the students accomplish two things. First, they become better at comprehending what the teacher wants them to learn. Secondly, the students learn a procedure that they can use as a tool in their lives.

In recent months, we have changed the name from Procedural Literacy to Performance Literacy. We have done this because the systematic instructional approach provides opportunities for students to perform the skills needed when learning. We realize that learning is a process of numerous performances that must be stimulated by teacher facilitation. Our Performance Literacy program offers teachers the procedural methods that can lead more students to success with 21st Century literacy skills.

What have you done with your students to enhance their literacy skills? Have you established a procedure that helps your students comprehend more of what they read, hear, or see.? We would like to know what those procedures are.


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